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Jolene, a retired physician, decided to heal from the depression that had plagued her all of her adult life. The horribly intense sense of despair, with "I want to die, please just let me die” intrusive thoughts had stolen her joy since her early teenage years.  She tried traditional western psychiatry (medications and psychotherapy) for decades, then alternative medicine (massage, herbs, acupuncture, Reiki, energy techniques). Neither gave lasting relief of the symptoms. Finally, in desperation, she turned to shamanic medicine, using psychedelic drugs and Ayahuasca. The book she wrote, Buen Viaje: A physician’s Journey to Healing and Wholeness is her story.

Buen Viaje: A Physician’s Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Buen Viaje: A Physician’s Journey to Healing and Wholeness follows Dr. Jolene Starr in her lifelong struggle to heal from a devastating depression that eventually leads her to quit the career that she loves. Initially she tries the traditional path of Western Medicine, seeing psychiatrists and taking antidepressants and other medications. Beginning in her 50’s, with the depression unrelenting, she branches into Alternative and Complementary Medicine: supplements, acupuncture, Reiki, yoga, positive affirmations, many different types of massage and a drastic change in her diet. Feeling desperate when these too fail to stop the sense of despair and the relentless chant in her mind of “please let me die,” she begins to work with a shaman and take psychedelics - the very drugs she once felt were the pathway into hell, not out of it. Her story is a journey of confronting her demons with desperate perseverance, meeting interesting people along the way, and finally finding the one way to being truly happy and living the life she’s always wanted.

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Buen Viaje: A Physician’s Journey to Healing and Wholeness

With candor, authority, and gentle humor, Dr. Jolene Starr shares her compelling pursuit of wellness as she investigates and undergoes various treatment modalities for her clinical depression. Readers of Buen Viaje emerge with two convictions for their own life journeys: the necessity for personal advocacy; and, an openness to traditional and nontraditional philosophies and therapies.

  • Kathleen Muldoon, Columnist for Christian Media, retired journalist, and Author of Princess Pooh and Yes I Can! A Kid's Guide to Dealing with Physical Challenges 

Buen Viaje: A Physician’s Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Buen Viaje shares a compelling personal journey that is refreshingly honest and full of hope and inspiration. Jolene's various influences as a both a traditionally trained psychiatrist and a sincere seeker of truth and wisdom gives her a unique perspective that sheds light on expanded ways to consider both healing itself and the many pathways toward healing.

  • Celina De Leon, M.Div, Founder of Circle of Sacred Nature Church and 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization

Buen Viaje: A physician’s Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Jolene, what a struggle you've had! Your book is a compelling read --it should find an audience . . . .

  • Adair Lara, Former Columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle and author of Naked, Drunk and Writing

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This is not the pitter I want

Jolene Starr

Jolene Starr is a retired physician, who is now a poet and writer. She has lived many lives: Mother, physician, healer, singer, song-leader, cook, piano-player, skier, hiker, camper, martial artist and warrior, yogi and peace-promoter, and lover of life. After 25 years as a practicing psychiatrist, she turned her pen to writing poetry, short stories and a memoir. Her creative non-fiction is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and in The Idaho Magazine. Online she is published in She lives in Idaho and enjoys spending time with her partner, three daughters and grand-daughter. Her first memoir, Buen Viaje, a Physician’s journey to Healing and Wholeness, is available now through Amazon. Her book of poetry, Everyday Goddesses, is also available on Amazon.


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Buen Viaje: A Physician’s Journey to Healing and Wholeness

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